Nerospec SK Joint Venture Enhances Mining Efficiencies

The South-African Nerospec Group and the German Schmidt Kranz Group have joined forces to implement flexible wireless automation and digitalization enabling its customers to be part of the 4th mining revolution for connected mining.

The two companies signed a shareholder agreement this month to form the new German entity Nerospec SK GmbH. Nerospec Group is renowned for its reliable wireless communication and machine control technology (particularly Proximity Detection to Trackless Mining Machine Interface and Control solutions) within sub-Saharan Africa. “Founding Nerospec SK is part of our strategy of expanding our global business and delivering a promising new generation of specialized underground mining technology products” says Michael Bruno, CEO and founder of Nerospec Group. ”Our objective is to innovate underground wireless connectivity solutions, perfect data acquisition and control systems, enhance edge computing and apply the industries best-in-class automation technologies. In so doing we are advancing the automation of ore extraction processes, specifically within the harsh and unforgiving underground mining environment”.

Nerospec SK offers specialized underground mining technology to the existing global customer base. The technology is OEM-independent and is tailored by Nerospec SK specifically in accordance with individual customer requirements. This way, their solutions can add maximum value to customers worldwide through improved connectivity, timeous decision-informing information and automation techniques, for any brand, type and generation of machine.

Schmidt Kranz Group has a wide array of products and services for the mining industry and operates in 25 countries. “Our combined underground mining knowledge providing for the efficient implementation of our digital solutions will hoist productivities to a new level. At reasonable cost we support our customers with reliable cutting-edge technology keeping their miners safe and at the same time increasing transparency of their operations”, explains Mortimer Glinz, CEO and shareholder of Schmidt Kranz Group.

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About SK-Group

Schmidt Kranz Group is a family-owned group of mid-sized companies with over 130 years of experience in a diversified portfolio of selected industries and services. In each of our main activities, from underground mining and tunneling, mineral processing and recycling, hydraulic and pneumatics to automation and control and services, we aim to deliver to the highest standards.

Our organization of +3.000 people is made up of eight mid-sized units that cover these various business areas. Our roots and headquarters are based in Germany, while the Schmidt Kranz Group has a broad global presence with independent corporations in over 25 countries.

Our mission is to strive for outstanding technical solutions in our core areas of activity, thereby improving the life of our customers and end-users.

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About Nerospec Group

Nerospec Group is an assembly of cutting edge technology companies united by a pioneering spirit and a sharing of know-how that was forged through years of progression within multiple enterprise, industrial and commercial verticals. With +150 people in sub-Saharan Africa, Nerospec provides a wide range of solutions for the Communication, Mining, Defense, Security, Transport, Agriculture, Healthcare and Enterprise markets. Customer confidence and solution reliability is ensured though our ongoing practice of continuous re-investment into pivotal business support structures. These include Research and Development, Manufacturing, Engineering, Quality Assurance, Sales and Marketing, Service Delivery, Maintenance Programming and After Sales Support. At the core of Nerospec’s businesses are years of invaluable experience in the successful identification, innovation and implementation of end to end solutions to everyday business challenges, each backed by the support of our committed teams.

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