Simple Machine Connection Upgrade

A key metric of connectivity effectiveness is range or reach. In the case of underground machine connectivity, a lack of reach meant connected machines would move in and out of range, depending on the location of WiFi infrastructure, providing only a partial picture.

Where there is an underground connectivity challenge, Nerospec SK will always find a solution.

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A Mine site wanted to improve mobile machinery connectivity to expand the reach of the existing WiFi network to connecte with moving machines for a longer period of time as they move in the mine


Upgrade of existing mobile machine antennas. Installation of neroMODA (Mobile Omni-Directional Antenna)Service team upgraded 9 mobile machines in two 10 hour shifts of work, including workshop and field upgrades. Leaving about two hours per upgrade


More than doubled the connection range of mobile machines and hence created more frequent complete data transmissions as machines pass by neroPOYNTs

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