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The German Schmidt Kranz Group and the South African Nerospec Group joined forces in pursuit of a common goal of delivering the 4th Industrial Revolution for Mining. Striving for outstanding technical solutions for underground mines underpinned by a cost effective digital capabilities upgrade, which in turn will improve everyday operations and make modern miners more efficient and safer.


Nerospec SK’s expertise is fully focussed on making Mines, Machines and Miners safer, efficient and more productive by crafting cutting edge communication, automation and digital mine solutions.

Nerospec SK

a connected mine overview

Enhanced underground communication is a fundamental step in enabling:

1. Modern Safety Practises 2. Instant Data Insights 3. Productivity Gains 4. Preventative Maintenance 5. Machine Automation and 6. Streamlined Operations.

nerospec sk


The German Schmidt Kranz Group and the South African Nerospec Group joined forces to globally grow their mining technology business by delivering the 4th Industrial Revolution for Mining.

  • Schmidt Kranz Group
    The Schmidt Kranz Group is a family-owned group of mid-sized companies with over 130 years of experience in a diversified portfolio of selected industries and services. In each of its main activities, from underground mining and tunneling, mineral processing and recycling, hydraulic and pneumatics to automation and control and services, SK Group aims to deliver to the highest standards.
  • Nerospec
    Nerospec Core is a group of key individuals united by a pioneering spirit that was forged by years of success over multiple industrial and commercial industries. With more than 20 years of experience in underground communications and proximity detection technology Nerospec is today a leader in the Level 9 machine intervention space.
  • SK Group Heritage
    Founded in 1885, the company has been formed into a group of eight mid-sized units that cover various business areas. Our roots and headquarters are based in Germany, while the Schmidt Kranz Group has a broad global presence with independent corporations in over 25 countries with over 3000 employees.
  • Nerospec Development
    During the past 10 years the group has evolved with further companies (counting more than 150 people), all based on the communication technology domain. The companies cover internet network communications & LTE), mining machine control equipment, Internet of Things (IoT) data collection, mining communications infrastructure as well as tactical tracking and communication solutions.
  • SK Group Strategy
    Today the Schmidt Kranz Group's mission is to strive for outstanding technical solutions in its core areas of activity, thereby improving the life of customers and end-users. Efficiency First!
  • Nerospec Strategy
    Today setting the standard for communication and safety control in sub-saharan Africa, the Nerospec group is ready to roll-out proven technologies on a global scale with a proven partner who has a global footprint in the mining industry.
  • Message from SK Group Shareholders
    "The power and drive forged by Nerospec and SK will revolutionize the worldwide mining business through digitalization, automation, cost reduction and an increase in safety and efficiency", says Mortimer Glinz, CEO and shareholder of Schmidt Kranz Group.
  • Message from Nerospec Shareholders
    "For the future our objective with Nerospec SK is to innovate underground wireless communication solutions, data logging and analytics, as well as providing sophisticated machine automation", says Michael Bruno, CEO and founder of Nerospec group.


Nerospec SK offers specialized underground mining technology to the existing global customer base. The technology is OEM-independent and is developed by Nerospec SK specifically according to individual requirements. This way, their solutions can add maximum value to customers worldwide through improved communication, decision-making support and automation, for any brand and type of machine.



a global focus


We deploy independent mining machine communication, control and automation solutions for Mines worldwide. A truly global footprint for connected machines, instant insights and actionable advancements. 

nerospec SK


Unleash new productivity gains and reduce miners risk exposure through cutting edge digital technology and unmanned operations. Made possible through industry leading underground wireless communication.

Stay Informed. Stay Connected.

    nerospec SK

    Partner with the mine technology experts and become a more efficient and highly effective mine.