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The nero3WAY Splitter is used to split / branch RF and DC signals off the main arterial into two (2) separate directions allowing for custom changes to adapt to your existing mining or tunnel layout. The fused DC power may also be routed in various directions by opening and closing the on-board jumpers and the injection terminals also allow this unit to be used as a makeshift power coupler.

It is unique in that it’s an industry first 3WAY passive Leaky Feeder splitter to come standard with local LED indicators allowing for quick diagnostics without the need to open the unit to measure voltages. This advanced local diagnostics, now incorporate DC detection LED’s  as well as over current detection for additional protection and safety. 







DC Power jumper selections.

RF Termination 

Three available terminal facility types for unused ports.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) optional expansion ready.


Low Loss – Near theoretical insertion loss to tunnel, split-1 and split-2.

3A DC power through feed facility on all ports.

Brass block custom connection system specifically for radiating cable systems.

The electronic circuitry is constructed using individually qualified 3 dB broad-band splitter transformers.

The future of underground


The various neroPLEXUS components are installed in enclosed environments, providing instantaneous communication. All neroPLEXUS components are compatible with a wide range of radio systems and devices. and therefore immediately available resulting in less downtime. Our neroPLEXUS Leaky Feeder System has been developed by a pioneering team with over 20 years of Leaky Feeder experience. Delivering a proven and meticulously engineered product, ensuring unrivalled reliability combined with modern, smart technology. Making use of neroPLEXUS Leaky Feeder communications offers more stable and effective communication than wired phones. Providing opportunities for further integrated and holistic data solutions.

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