A range of products that amalgamate autonomous mechanics and equipment into mine operations. Leading to a more efficient and highly effective mine, underpinned by seamless communication, increased productivity and zero safety incidents.


Machine Diagnostics & Automation

Asset Management and

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the components of a connected mine

With volatile commodity prices pushing the utilization rate of mining equipment to the limit, connected products optimise operations, increase control and reduce wastage. Revolutionary underground communication enables a multitude of smart applications. 

Machine to machine automation and control bring digital life to mine machines. Production data collection and analytics enable effective decision-making. And critical safety solutions are made possible thanks to collision avoidance and transparent communication.

The Enabler

Wireless communication for underground applications, future-proofs your mine and enables a multitude of  smart new solutions.

Accurate Decisions

Production data collection and analytics for informed and accurate decision-making.  

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Maintenance need indication based on machine condition reports. Including edge-computing machine side instant diagnostics. 

Profitable Productivity

Automation of any mining equipment supports consistent processes and raises productivity. 

Smart Safety Solutions

Smart safety solutions from collision avoidance to instant alerts.

Data Driven

Operational improvements from machine and mine data that is securely recorded and transmitted, tailored to your mines specific requirements.  

Mine Communication

Due to tough working conditions and hazardous environments, efficient underground mining operations and effective mine safety relies heavily on stable and secure communication to the surface. Communication with the surface can be challenging, even in modern mines and working with a partner with decades of combined experience is vital for success. 

Machine Diagnostics and

An extensive product range underpinned by cutting edge capabilities providing the ability to monitor, control, and optimize performance and operations across mine equipment and systems. Our cutting-edge technology solutions are agnostic and fully compatible with any OEM partner.

Asset Management and

With mining asset management and a range of IoT smart sensors including environmental sensor solutions, mines can operate more efficiently, with increased cost-effectiveness and environmentally friendly practises. Knowing the exact location of personnel and machinery also ensures safer working conditions.

nerospec sk

a connected mine? ask us how.

Unleash new productivity gains and improve miners health and safety conditions through cutting edge digital technology and unmanned operations. Made possible through industry leading underground wireless communication.

Stay Informed. Stay Connected.

    nerospec SK

    Partner with the mine technology experts and become a more efficient and highly effective mine.