The intelligent mine logging solution

nanoHUB is designed to be a ruggedized multipurpose personnel transport, data communications hub and black box data recorder. The nanoHUB provides a universal interface for Personnel Transporter and Collision Warning System (CWS). It increases productivity and improves mine safety with the intelligent data logging capabilities as well as providing uniform and secure records to promote operational efficiency​

Design Features


Data Logging

Mining Use

nerohub can bus modbus and conventional protocols

CAS/TMM interface

nerohub compatible with all known cas systems

Black box recorder

nerohub engine protection

Bi-directional logging of M2M data and events

nerohub galvanic optical isolation isolated machine sense and pds interface

Communications router

nerohub compatible with conventional engines

Compatible with conventional engines

nerohub operational monitoring

Compatible with all known CAS systems

nerohub bi directional logging of m2m data and events

Operational monitoring

nerohub fail to safe digital outputssolid state relay contacts

Driver access control

nerohub black box recorder

CAN Bus, modbus & conventional protocols

Descriptive functionality

In addition to the bonding of multiple networked devices, nanoHUB is also responsible for data logging functions. Short term memory and Deep memory logging functions are realized within this sub-system since all data passes through nanoHUB at some stage during the information flowing through the machine. The nanoHUB has specially developed Step Change, Rate of Change and Periodic Sampling capabilities that allow the capture of Big Data and Little Data live on the fly. 

The connectivity is provisioned between the vehicle and the mining communication infrastructure, and for vehicle-to-vehicle connectivity. Specialized high-level protocols allow data to transact opportunistically as well as continuously to suit all possible data networking models.

The nanoHUB also optionally integrates an array of high-performance internal sensors, including machine roll, yaw, pitch, vibration, temperature, humidity, acceleration, angular velocity and 3D magnetometer sensors. These sensor measurements are for on-the-fly operation decisions, such as, built-in test and protection monitoring, as well as for remote viewing purposes. 

The nanoHUB also has the option to include Bluetooth technology for beaconing functionality.

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