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The neroSTOPE antennas were specifically designed to offer rapid deployment in mining environments that does not lend itself well to conventional Leaky Feeder installations such as newly blasted tunnels or as an alternative to the neroEOL (End of Line) termination as it provides maximum coverage from the radiating cable.

Available in both VHF and UHF frequency bands with multiple connection options as well as the unique value of being compatible with all current Leaky Feeder systems there is not an underground mining scenario that the neroSTOPE cannot resolve.

products cropped stope


neropoynt ethernet extender


neropoynt coax backhaul


neropoynt coax to ethernet extender


neropoynt coax to ethernet extender with fiber


The future of underground


neroamp lf network sk
The various neroPLEXUS components are installed in enclosed environments, providing instantaneous communication. All neroPLEXUS components are compatible with a wide range of radio systems and devices. and therefore immediately available resulting in less downtime. Our neroPLEXUS Leaky Feeder System has been developed by a pioneering team with over 20 years of Leaky Feeder experience. Delivering a proven and meticulously engineered product, ensuring unrivalled reliability combined with modern, smart technology. Making use of neroPLEXUS Leaky Feeder communications offers more stable and effective communication than wired phones. Providing opportunities for further integrated and holistic data solutions.

Nerospec SK

robust underground communication?

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