EMESRT Level 9

We are the first and only OEM and PDS agnostic vehicle intervention controls (VIC) provider to achieve the EMESRT Level 9 intervention controls for any machine, make, model, or type. Since 2015 our group has over 3000 successful machine installations under our belt, and counting.


Level 9 matters to Nerospec SK

For over 21 years the engineers at the Nerospec Group have focussed on reducing mine machine fatalities to zero. Our commitment to making mines safer includes our participation as a founding member of the EMERST. Then 8 years ago the neroHUB was designed and developed, delivering cutting edge EMESRT Level 9 Vehicle Intervention Controls to any mine, machine, or machine type.

Each year, between 30-40% of industry deaths are attributable to failures of vehicle interaction controls and of these about half involve pedestrians, mostly in underground operations.


neroHUB Installations


Different OEM Installation


Different Machines


Years in Level 9 EMESRT

Technology's role in Level 9

EMESRT has undertaken a mission to produce a standard that must be satisfied by proximity detection systems as a result of the worldwide mining community’s collective efforts (PDS). ISO 21815 is a standard for interoperability between third-party PDS providers and OEM-supplied equipment that provides a framework for the deployment of PDS controls in mixed equipment fleets.

In this way, EMESRT has established various levels of incident control:


Improve the design of mines and equipment


Increase operational discipline. This can include supports for existing controls


Introduce Technology to Alert, Advise (Level 8) and Intervene (Level 9)

Considering these incident control levels of the EMESRT, it is considered the most appropriate requirement in reducing accidents that the Proximity Detection System (PDS) or Collision Avoidance Systems (CAS) perform with an Intervention Control Level 9.

In 2006 Nerospec engineers delivered the world’s first successful operator intervention. The vehicle was slowed through de-throttling and then stopped by mechanically modifying the machine to slowly pull the brakes.

Our Implementation of Level 9

Over the last years Nerospec has implemented this technology with success at various South-African mines resulting in a steep decline in powered mobile equipment accidents.

Improving control systems to oversee the operation of mobile equipment and the transfer of personnel and materials is a significant obstacle to minimizing deaths in the mining sector. Approximately 30 to 40% of annual industrial deaths are attributed to failures in vehicle interaction controls, with the majority of these involving pedestrians in underground mines.

Due to the high number of deaths and mishaps in the worldwide mining sector, the Earth Moving Equipment Safety Round Table (EMESRT) was established as a global effort comprising the mining industry’s largest businesses. EMESRT has collaborated with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to increase the operability and maintainability of equipment beyond OEM specifications.

Our Technology that delivers Level 9

Our Tech and Our Software

Over the last years Nerospec has implemented this technology with success at various South-African mines resulting in a steep decline in powered mobile equipment accidents.

Thus, Nerospec SK provides the worldwide mining community with a variety of High Precision Collision Avoidance Systems solutions that may intervene in the mobility of the equipment, braking or slowing it down to avoid a collision or a run-over (LEVEL 9 Intervention Control – EMESRT).

Product Offering


SIMAC (Short Interval Monitoring and Control Software System) is a state-of-the-art software package that allows operators and managers alike to access in-depth overviews and insights via dashboards that are expertly tailored to a specific mine.

Managers and overseers can control what viewing privileges other staff members have regarding the dashboard, and they can customise their own dashboard to maximise the impact of the data and statistics they are surveying.

The customisation of this pivotal information will empower mines as no other tech has before; with the SIMAC AI, the software will deliver proactive insights, allowing mines to mitigate machine maintenance and preventing scenarios that can stagger or halt production.

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