Short Interval Monitoring And Control – SIMAC is a state-of-the-art software package that allows operators and managers alike to access in-depth overviews and insights via dashboards that are expertly tailored to their specific mine.

Instant Productivity Insights

Machine Conditional Monitoring

Live Tracking

Optimised Operations

and much more...

Instant Insights & Quick Decision Making

Throughout history, the biggest challenge faced by mines is slow or no communication between underground operations and surface control. Monitoring miners, infrastructure, and productivity could only happen by sending qualified personnel to various parts of the mine to check all the metrics.

“Mine Owners and managers need instant Productivity, Safety, Maintenance and Monitoring insights.”




Monthly Data





The SIMAC dashboards can provide valuable information concerning:





The core enabler of

The HUB Family can be integrated into any Trackless Mining Machine regardless of OEM MAKE, MODEL or TYPE, whether it be Mechanical, Electric or Hydraulic controlled. 

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Instant Productivity insights allows for quick analysis of machine and operator, pairing up the best operator with the best machine. Metrics such as run hours, working hours, tramming hours, forward and reverse hours can all be measured, as well as tonnage reporting and much more.

Additional Productivity Features Unlocked by the HUB Family

Tonnage Reporting

Movement Reporting

Production Reporting

Runtime / Utilization

Production Run / Trip Count Monitoring

Digital Operator Checklists

Dispatch Messaging


Instant Safety insights allow decision-makers and overseers to visually see which machines/operators have been the most responsible by instantly depicting the amount of Slow Down and Overspeed Stop events, as well as CWS/PDS Crawl and Stop events.

Additional Safety Features Unlocked by the HUB Family

CAS / TMM Level 9 Interface

Speed Brake Interlock

Machine Functional Safety System

Fire Suppression Interface

Driver Access Control

Automatic Self Test


Monitoring machines in near real-time becomes a reality with SIMAC. It allows decision-makers to see which machines are actively working, and which machines are offline or inactive.

Additional Monitoring Features Unlocked by the HUB Family

Transmission Monitoring & Protection

Tyre Pressure Monitoring

Black Box Recorder

Engine Monitoring & Protection

Operational Exposure Monitoring


Proactive steps can be taken to ensure that all machines are maintained properly and are kept to their regular service intervals. Through the monitoring of engine KPI’s such as fluid levels and temperatures, as well as brake wear, Overseers and operators will know of upcoming maintenance events well in advance, allowing accurate planning, and minimising downtime.

Additional Maintenance Features Unlocked by the HUB Family


Temperature Monitoring

Brake Wear Monitoring

Fluid Levels

Flow Rates


Access Control

Managers and overseers can control what viewing privileges other staff members have regarding the dashboard, and they can customise their own dashboard to maximise the impact of the data and statistics they are surveying.

The customisation of this pivotal information will empower mines as no other tech has before; with the SIMAC Augmented Intelligence (AI), the software will deliver proactive insights, allowing mines to mitigate machine maintenance and prevent scenarios that can stagger or halt production.


Connected Machine Benefits

The SIMAC software aims to augment and enhance the connected machine, as well as the human operator/manager. By collecting, processing, and analysing all of the metrics collected by the many sensors of the connected machines, detailed reports and data analysis can be done for the user.

The application of intelligence Amplification in the SIMAC software allows for monitoring certain parts of equipment on the connected machine, collecting real-time data and analysing previous records, enabling the software to predict possible breakdowns or failures.

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