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Nerospec SK’s expertise makes Mines, Machines and Miners safer, efficient and more productive through communication, automation and digital machine solutions.


nerospek sk safety


Increased mine safety relies on several factors including, reliable and immediate communication, intervention controls, prevention through activity insights.

nerospek sk production


Check machine performance and utilization directly at shift end directly at the machine or from the cloud and compare performance.

nerospek sk settings


Smart sensors collect machine data providing fresh machine health information – enabling to optimize maintenance work based on real machine condition.

nerospek sk communication


The fundamental enabler of modern safety, data analytics, and machine control is wireless underground communication.

nerospek sk automation


Automating equipment in mine operations creates exciting new and lucrative opportunities to improve productivity.

nerospek sk operations


New insights collected from our smart monitoring devices are used to streamline operations, improve planning and reduce downtime.

nerospec SK

About Us

The mine technology experts with a proven track record in underground communication and automation forged over decades of combined experience. 

A joint venture that is more than the sum of its parts. The ceaseless drive and impressive history of the Schmidt-Kranz group together with the wireless communication and automation technology of the Nerospec group, combine to deliver highly imaginative solutions for every mine application.

Nerospec SK’s expertise is fully focussed on making Mines, Machines and Miners safer, efficient and more productive by crafting cutting edge communication, automation and digital mine solutions.

a global focus


We deploy independent mining machine communication, control and automation solutions for Mines worldwide. A truly global footprint for connected machines, instant insights and actionable advancements. 

Smart & connected

Our Products

Nerospec SK constantly develops the newest generation of specialized underground mining products, innovating underground wireless communications, data logging and analytics, as well as machine automation.

nerospek sk communication


Revolutionising mine-wide communication is a fundamental step in enabling modern safety practices, data analytics insights and the productivity gains offered through direct machine control.

nerospek sk production

Machine Diagnostics & Automation

Unleash new productivity gains by taking direct control of underground machines leading to advanced mine machine automation.

nerospek sk operations

Asset Management &

Enjoy seamless everyday operations through a network of smart sensors that measure and communicate in real-time.

Nerospec sk

a connected mine. ask us how.

Unleash new productivity gains and improve miners health and safety conditions through cutting edge digital technology and unmanned operations. Made possible through industry leading underground wireless communication.